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Going from dumb to dumber

Bidding wars, shortage of listings challenge London buyers, realtors This is an article that you should read to just prove how stupid things are getting. London is one of the sleepiest cities in Canada. Talk about nothing going on. Yet there is some pressure on house prices there. I lived there for two years. I… read more »

Focusing on real estate in Canada

Looking at real estate in Canada My blog looks at a number of aspects of real estate in Canada. From prices to mortgages to interest rates and general economic conditions. As you can imagine, the amount of information available is considerable. I’ll try to provide information that is relevant and timely as relates to informed decision making on real… read more »

Real estate market conditions-Toronto

I had a look at real estate market conditions for the Greater Toronto Area for the month of November 2016. It’s interesting looking through the data to see what is actually going on in the market. The data may be found in the TREB Market Watch. Sales for the month of November were a total of… read more »

Drop in housing prices would still leave Canadians with equity

Here is an article from the Financial Post quoting a recent study prepared by DBRS, the Canadian bond rating agency: Massive drop in housing prices would still leave Canadian households with more equity than debt. I find this one of the hardest articles to read that I have come across in a very long time. Here… read more »