Annual property tax assessments should be scrapped in favour of three-year reviews

Change to property tax assessments could ‘save taxpayers money’: Sutherland

In the long list of nonsensical thoughts, this one should be one of the toppers. Guess what, if you determine real estate property values every three years, it will be lower than if you adjust them every year. This is just math. And to be honest, I am amazed that anyone at Calgary City Council understands math. That’s the real shocker!

The point is that municipal spending is too high and hence the increases in property taxes. It’s not whether you adjust the taxable value annually or every three years or every ten years. Municipal governments seem to feel that it is their right to raise property taxes forever. Perhaps the council member should focus on reducing municipal spending as opposed to fooling around with arithmetic averages. Perhaps this mathematics is much too “heavy lifting” for him.