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Real estate market conditions-Toronto

I had a look at real estate market conditions for the Greater Toronto Area for the month of November 2016. It’s interesting looking through the data to see what is actually going on in the market. The data may be found in the TREB Market Watch. Sales for the month of November were a total of… read more »

Irrational exuberance

Irrational Exuberance by Robert J. Shiller I just spent some hours reading this book about behavioral finance. It’s quite a good read if you have not been exposed to the topic before. It discusses how we get into these “bubble” scenarios in financial and other markets such as real estate. For me, it was really… read more »

Drop in housing prices would still leave Canadians with equity

Here is an article from the Financial Post quoting a recent study prepared by DBRS, the Canadian bond rating agency: Massive drop in housing prices would still leave Canadian households with more equity than debt. I find this one of the hardest articles to read that I have come across in a very long time. Here… read more »

The Motley Fool and Toronto real estate

I have been bearish on Toronto real estate for a while. The moon and the stars are lining up against the market. Affordability, new mortgage rules and the insane amount of debt that Torontonians carry. Here is an article that makes me wonder from the Motley Fool: Will 2017 Finally Be the Year Toronto’s Real Estate… read more »

When you involve China, things get complicated

Here is an interesting read on a lawyer who is under investigation with respect to BC real estate transactions and Chinese investors. It’s a bit complicated, but it’s worth a read. B.C. Law Society takes over part of Richmond real estate lawyer’s practice. There is a lot going on here, but here is one of the… read more »

Tweaking the market

The Province of British Columbia has implemented a program to assist first time home buyers in the BC real estate market: Real estate pros see risks and opportunities in B.C.’s no-interest loan scheme. The form of assistance that the government has decided to adopt is a slow amortization interest-free loan. You can see from the article… read more »