Canadians are pretty much on the edge

We keep seeing more articles about Canadians pretty much on the edge financially. Here is another article discussing just how serious it is: Nearly Half Of Canadian Homeowners Aren’t Prepared For Emergency Expenses: Manulife Bank Survey.It seems that relatively small changes in interest rates will put many Canadians over the edge. Read More

Canada’s job growth

Canadian job numbers were reported last week, and the numbers show that the growth is not exactly what we would wish for. But of course, there is always a positive spin to be put on this by the Bay Street spin doctors: While we could quibble about the quality of Read More

New cooling measures for the real estate market

Finally, the Government of Canada has stepped in to try and cool the Canadian real estate market. As usual, the real estate agents either claim that these moves will damage the market while others say that it will have no effect. Pick the way that you think it’s going to Read More