Toronto Mayor John Tory speaks out on real estate tax: says nothing

Mayor John  Tory has spoken out on the possibility of imposing a real estate tax similar to the new BC tax. In this article you can see that he says what politicians often say, nothing:

Nothing has come back to me by way of recommendations as to what could be done by the province or by the city to address housing prices in Toronto,” he said Thursday. “Housing prices in Toronto, as they continue to escalate are a real concern to me not only because sometimes, if it’s representative of a bubble, bubbles burst.

Why do any recommendations need to come back to him? Doesn’t he have an opinion of his own? This is typical. “if it’s representative of a housing bubble, bubbles burst.” Mr. Tory has perfected the art of saying absolutely nothing. But that’s nothing new. He is a hostage of his own background. After a stint as CEO at Rogers Communications, it’s unlikely that Mr. Tory has any real sympathy for struggling home buyers in Toronto. But it’s hard to tell exactly what is important to Mr. Tory. He never says anything.

Tory won’t rule out a tax on foreign real estate buyers in Toronto