Drop in housing prices would still leave Canadians with equity

Here is an article from the Financial Post quoting a recent study prepared by DBRS, the Canadian bond rating agency: Massive drop in housing prices would still leave Canadian households with more equity than debt. I find this one of the hardest articles to read that I have come across in Read More

When you involve China, things get complicated

Here is an interesting read on a lawyer who is under investigation with respect to BC real estate transactions and Chinese investors. It’s a bit complicated, but it’s worth a read. B.C. Law Society takes over part of Richmond real estate lawyer’s practice. There is a lot going on here, but Read More

Annual property tax assessments should be scrapped in favour of three-year reviews

Change to property tax assessments could ‘save taxpayers money’: Sutherland In the long list of nonsensical thoughts, this one should be one of the toppers. Guess what, if you determine real estate property values every three years, it will be lower than if you adjust them every year. This is just Read More