About Me – The Author

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Let me tell you a little about me, the author, and owner of this blog. I’m a professional accountant by training, not a real estate expert by any stretch. I ask questions. Due diligence is the key. Look before you leap. Measure twice, cut once. All that stuff.

There is a lot of information and disinformation about real estate in Canada. In fact, there is a considerable amount of disinformation about Canada in general. My intent is not to be negative, but to provide resources to investors, homeowners, and others interested in Canadian real estate. So what you’ll see here are a lot of links to other materials and my occasional commentary on matters that I find of interest.

About Me – The Owner of This Blog – What Will I Be Doing?

I’ll be putting together articles, reports, studies, and other materials. As I mentioned before, I’ll put my two cents in where I have something to add that’s worth saying. Hope to get your feedback!

In addition, I’ll be looking at residential real estate markets in other jurisdictions such as Australia, the United States so that my readers may be fully informed on developments in other markets.

Jake Chazan, Principal


Please note that I am neither a real estate agent or lawyer. The information  provided here is of a general nature and is not a substitute for obtaining professional advice as appropriate to your individual circumstances.