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Canada’s housing market ‘highly vulnerable,’ CMHC warns

Is Canada’s Housing Market at Risk? Is Canada’s housing market vulnerable?. The talking heads continue to take the view that we only have “moderate” overvaluation. Clearly, these are people who have not and will not actually look at individual housing prices, like those in the “old” city of Toronto. I lived in a neighborhood where our house cost $147,000 in 1984. Sure, that’s 30 years ago. It now has an asking price of around $1.75 […]

The downfall of Home Capital – a timeline

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist The downfall of Home Capital Here is a great chart detailing the downfall of Home Capital. As the chart indicates, ultimately the question is whether this is a “one-shot” affair or the start of something more serious. The next mortgage lender of concern is the Equitable Group. Equitable is in many respects very much like Home Capital. The trigger for Home capital was, however, the Statement of Allegations issued by the Ontario […]

The economy – vulnerable to an economic slump or not

15% of Canada’s economy vulnerable to a housing slump, RBC says Once again, you have Canadians putting a positive spin on something negative happening. This country is amazingly bulletproof when it comes to bad news. You have an economy that is in the toilet, no manufacturing sector and built on careers for hamburger flippers, but it’s not a problem. It wouldn’t be a problem if there was anything else going here, but there isn’t. So […]

Equitable Group financing

Equitable Group adds RBC to syndicate of Canada’s other big banks backing its $2 billion emergency credit line The Equitable Group offers mortgage financing that in many respects is similar to that offered by Home Capital. Borrowers who cannot get financing at Canada’s major banks will turn to Equitable. In order to ensure the availability of financing to the Equitable Group, it has arranged for an emergency credit line as discussed in the article noted […]

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