When you involve China, things get complicated

Here is an interesting read on a lawyer who is under investigation with respect to BC real estate transactions and Chinese investors. It’s a bit complicated, but it’s worth a read. B.C. Law Society takes over part of Richmond real estate lawyer’s practice. There is a lot going on here, but Read More

Canadian banks’ mortgage guidelines favour foreign home buyers

A recent report in the Globe & Mail highlights the lending practices with respect to foreign buyers of Canadian real estate. Reading this article is very disturbing. It claims that there is an unwritten bias towards high net worth foreigners who can qualify for mortgages that Canadians would not qualify Read More

The Chinese speak out on the Vancouver home tax

As expected, the Chinese have spoken up on the 15% tax imposed on foreigners purchasing real estate in Vancouver: Chinese Envoy Challenges Vancouver Home Tax as Fallout Spreads. Here ar the Consul General’s comments: “Why a 15 percent tax? Why now? Why this rate? What’s the purpose? Will it work?” Liu Read More

Peter Routledge – comments on how a decline in housing prices would affect the banks

Here is an interview with an analyst at National Bank Financial. The interesting thing about this interview is how the analyst, Peter Routledge, manages to add little to the discussion. If you listen to him you’ll see. Housing prices will drop if they drop and housing prices will go up if Read More

China gets stricter on the movement of capital outside the country

Picking up on the Motley Fool article, here is additional press on China clamping down on the movement of foreign capital. It would seem that this may be only the beginning of China regulating the outflow of capital more tightly. China, Fighting Money Exodus, Squeezes Business Chinese officials are trying Read More

The Motley fool has a look at the Vancouver real estate market

The Motley Fool that well-known investment advisory letter, has a look at the Vancouver real estate market. We all have heard that market as being referred to as a real estate bubble. The bubble has yet to burst. But the question that’s now on everyone’s mind, is are we getting Read More

More problems in Shangri-La – real estate deals become problematic in Vancouver

British Columbia’s decision to impose a 15 percent tax on foreign buyers to cool Vancouver’s scorching housing market is poised to derail more than 400 deals worth millions of dollars and may prompt calls for legal action. Deals die, legal risks rise, from new Vancouver buyer tax The real estate Read More