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Canada’s housing market ‘highly vulnerable,’ CMHC warns

Is Canada’s Housing Market at Risk? Is Canada’s housing market vulnerable?. The talking heads continue to take the view that we only have “moderate” overvaluation. Clearly, these are people who have not and will not actually look at individual housing prices, like those in the “old” city of Toronto. I lived in a neighborhood where our house cost $147,000 in 1984. Sure, that’s 30 years ago. It now has an asking price of around $1.75 […]

Welcome to the brave new world

After much posturing, the Bank of Canada has finally acknowledged that we are coming into an era of slower growth. If there is anything surprising about this it’s the fact that it has taken the BofC so long to acknowledge what everyone on the street already knows, that Candian economic growth is no longer a given. Bank of Canada deputy warns investors to adapt because slow growth is ‘new reality’. It would seem that in this […]

Catching up and looking at a few things

I’ve been busy moving so I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I would like. But the real estate markets in Canada just keep rolling along. The latest news comes from those looking at what the Bank of Canada will do next on interest rates. The Bank of Canada decided to maintain a steady course, neither raising or lowering interest rates. This is hardly a surprise as this would likely cause the wheels to fall off […]

Calgary real estate becomes the new location of choice

It would seem that foreign investors are now looking to Calgary as the place to invest. The reality is, however, that Calgary has for years been a very volatile real estate market given that the city’s economic fortunes are closely tied to the price of oil. So it would seem to me that the investment metrics are completely different in Calgary. Here is an article looking at what’s going on in that real estate market: Why more […]