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Canada’s housing bubble makes America’s look tiny

Here is an interesting analysis in Maclean’s magazine discussing the Canadian housing situation with respect to the continual call for a bubble-namely that housing prices will drop precipitously at some point or another. The problem with all these analyses There is, however, a problem with many of these analyses. Case in point that there are some institutional… read more »

Canadian banks’ mortgage guidelines favour foreign home buyers

A recent report in the Globe & Mail highlights the lending practices with respect to foreign buyers of Canadian real estate. Reading this article is very disturbing. It claims that there is an unwritten bias towards high net worth foreigners who can qualify for mortgages that Canadians would not qualify for. The underwriting guidelines are… read more »

Welcome to the brave new world

After much posturing, the Bank of Canada has finally acknowledged that we are coming into an era of slower growth. If there is anything surprising about this it’s the fact that it has taken the BofC so long to acknowledge what everyone on the street already knows, that Candian economic growth is no longer a… read more »

Now I have seen it all

I was riding the subway in Toronto today. There were two guys standing around talking about the Toronto and Vancouver real estate markets, and about how easy it is to make money in real estate. I have learned one thing over the years when people are standing around talking about how easy it is to make… read more »

Canada-an economic snapshot on how things have changed

It’s very interesting. This article that appeared in the Globe & Mail summarizes the current economic situation in Canada: Canada’s a real estate nation, just waiting for a crash. Canada has moved from being a somewhat industrialized nation to a nation that is now more than somewhat dependent on real estate for its economic well-being…. read more »

Taipei rising: will new tax reforms signal a real estate comeback?

Taiwan’s, and in particular, Taipei’s housing prices have increased at rates which made Toronto and Vancouver’s price increases seem anemic. The government introduced a luxury tax of 15% a few years ago (sound familiar?). The luxury tax had unintended consequences on the Taipei real estate market and created distortions in housing prices. Here is an article… read more »